DJ Games

DJ games are the perfect way to engage your guests and create the memorable moments of an unforgettable event. Choose from our variety of DJ-facilitated games; there’s something for everyone! We request notification of your game choices no later than 1 week in advance in order for them to be included in the event. All DJ games are complimentary to our clients, however some games require small items or trinkets that are your responsibility to provide.


+Shoe Game

Start by placing two chairs back-to-back on the dance floor for the bride and groom. Each removes their shoes, then trade one of the shoes with the other so that you’re holding one of each. Then, have a designated person (the EA DJ is happy to be this person) ask a series of questions about the two of you and your relationship (i.e. “Who has more clothes?” “Who said ‘I love you’ first?”). After each question, hold up the shoe of the person you think is the best answer to the question. Its best to have a close friend come up with the questions so that they can pick ones that are specific to your relationship.

+Wedding Dress Contest

Using the bridal party and a few rolls of toilet paper, Who can make the best wedding dress!

+Musical Chairs

Music is played while everyone walks/dances around chairs, when the music stops everyone sits down. There is always one less chair (or more for a quick game) than people. the person/s without a chair is out.

+Freeze Dance

Play a fast song and when the music stops, all must freeze. Changing songs and telling people what to do like put your hands in the air will add spice to the contest Huggy Bear Everyone is on the dance floor. Play a song and have everyone dance. Yell out a number and the people must get into groups of that number. Anyone not in a group of that number is out. Everyone can play this, young and old

+Huggy Bear

Everyone is on the dance floor. Play a song and have everyone dance. Yell out a number and the people must get into groups of that number. Anyone not in a group of that number is out. Everyone can play this, young and old

+Scavenger Hunt

You can have as many people as you like play this game. Have the players come to the dance floor with a chair. Everyone must sit. The MC calls something out like a “Master Card”. The players run to find one. While they are gone, we remove one chair. The person who comes back and doesn’t have a seat is out. This can be done quickly by calling another item while people are still out and removing another chair.

+Balloon Stomp

This is a very high energy game. Everybody gets a balloon attached to a string that is tied to their ankle. The object is to pop other peoples balloon’s while protecting yours. Players must stay within arranged areas. You can spice this up by adding a freeze portion. When the music stops, all must stop. Suggested Music: Get Ready For This, or any Hi NRG Song!

Each contestant to have a cookie or cracker, Each contestant must sit on a chair on the dance floor. Cookies on their foreheads. When the music starts contestants to try and move the cookies from their foreheads to their mouths . First contestant to do so wins the prize!

+Tissue Game

Each contestant gets a box of 160 tissues. On the count of 3 who ever can get the tissues out of the box the fastest 1 at a time with only 1 hand wins the price! This game is a DJ Party Service favorite!

+Human Ring Toss

This high energy game can be done many times to get everyone involved. It takes 6 teams of two, one person wears a hat with a point on it and is the catcher, the other is the tosser. It is a simple game, the first team to catch 4 rings wins


We all know how limbo is done. It always seems to be a crowd pleaser and you can have a girl and guy winner. You may also do this as a couple or team event with more than one going under at the same time. Suggested Music: Limbo Rock, Hot, Hot, Hot or other Island Music.

+Unwrap the Gift

A gift is wrapped over and over and over with paper and tape and more tape. Players roll fuzzy dice until they get doubles, when they do they go in the middle and put on big gloves, hat, shirt or whatever and try to unwrap the gift. While this is happening, other players are still rolling the dice so when the next person gets doubles, they go to the middle and have to put on all the stuff and try to open the gift. The person who gets the gift, wins!

+Marshmallow Run

This is a team game. Each person has a straw, they need to suck up 1 marshmallow and carry it across the dance floor and put i into a glass and run back and slap the hand of the next person in line. 1st team to get one marshmallow for each player wins. Suggested Music: Rock ‘n Roll Part 2


Another Classic. This game is great for young and old as well. All you need is one long piece of rope and strong people. This can be spiced up by making the teams do it backwards. This also should be played outdoors.

+Hershey Kiss Game

Groups of 5 or 6. Set at a table are a pair of gloves, and a bunch of hershey kisses. Each contestant must start with their group in a line. Run as fast as they can to the table and grab a pair of gloves open the hershey kiss and throw it in thier mouth, then must take the gloves off run back to their line and tap the next contestant ! The first group who finishes all their kisses wins!