+ Planning with client

  • Remind your couple it is a team effort. They need to be on board with the plan.
  • EAPP should have answers to any questions about the event and client. Make sure you update their profile after any conversations (calls, texts, emails). If you can’t find an answer on EAPP, then the client should be consulted and EAPP should be updated.
  • Make sure there is a final meeting or a final contact saying the plan is good to go. Check over the plan to see if you have any questions. Now's the time to bug them and get any clarity or finer details hammered out. Don't wait until the day of!

+ Planning

  • You should make a draft of your playlists (at least special songs), print timeline, and print planning forms 3 days before the event, to look over and make sure you’re not missing information.
  • Use booking helpers to move clients through the EAPP booking phase.
  • Once final planning meeting is complete, use booking helper to mark meeting as "had"

+ At the wedding

  • A couple should never walk into a “wedding killer” moment without knowing. Our job is to educate, give our expert advice, but then leave it to the bride and groom to make the call. We aren’t pushy, but also not passive.
  • Guests should feel as if you are the happiest of everyone to be there. The way you speak and carry yourself should give off positive energy!
  • Always plan ahead. Have songs, names, and activity details ready to go before pulling the trigger. Keep things smooth by making sure everything is lined up for the next set of activities on the timeline.
  • Remember: we keep all the moving pieces on the same page. Don’t pull the trigger on an activity before checking with those involved to make sure they are present and ready.
  • Always aim for 90 minutes from grand entrance to open dance.
  • Avoid asking the bride to make decisions day of. Try and have all your answers at least 2 days before. If you do need to change something planned or find out additional information day of, wait for a time where there isn’t something about to happen.

+ Wedding Vendor Rules

  • Wedding planners, venue coordinators, and photographers are some of the best lead generators. Whenever you’ve “hit it off” with one, ask them if they’d help you by referring you in the future.
  • Fellow vendors are your teammates; be a person they want to work with again. When possible, approach venue coordinators and assure them you are on their team.

+ Final Meeting Checklist

These things should be completed by the end of your final meeting:

  • Complete Client's Planning Account
  • Update Load In/Set up time on profile
  • Take Event Based Notes on any out of ordinary information
  • Confirm Floor Plan
  • Make sure Package length matches the timeline
  • Check that other package details are fitting for the venue

+ Take a lead to a Client

1. Make sure lead is inputed into event temple you can do that easily with this staff specific submisson form. Click Here

2. Followup with client through event temple to find out where the client is at and if they are ready to setup a meeting, check out the pricing video, etc..

3. After you meet, google hangout, or have the "sales" conversatioon with client. Set an event temple task with a follow up date of when you will check in with client to see if they want to book.

4. when client says they want to book send them the booking form. after that the client will no longer be handled in event temple but will be moved into EA Pro Planning when they submit their booking form.

+ Client says "Yes I want to book"

send the below link and say "please fill out this booking form, that will get you in the system. from there you will get a few emails with instruction on how to complete the booking process"

Booking Form Link https://eaproplanning.com/request_information.asp?djidnumber=13067

+ Client says "I'm ready to pick my package"

you can collect the information from them manually and enter it in. or send them the package link and tell them

"You can choose your package here, once you submit we'll look over it and approve it, and then send you the paper work to lock it in!"

Package Builder Link https://eaproplanning.com/instantquote.asp?djidnumber=13067

+ Client says "I want to pay by card"

If it's the retainer you can say.

"there is a "make a payment" button on the home page of the planning site when you log in"

If it's not the retainer you say "I can send you a link to pay online, but it will add 2.7% to your payment."

Online payment link https://eaproplanning.com/payments.asp?djidnumber=13067