If your ceremony will be held in a Church, you will not typically need additional sound equipment or our microphones. However, if your ceremony will be held at any other location, for example at a country club, outdoors, or even in the same venue as your reception you need e a ceremony sound system. Even if you have live music at your ceremony it is a good idea to have microphones for the spoken portion of the ceremony (possibly for the instruments too!).

EA Pro Music is fully prepared to accommodate your Ceremony needs. Access our data base of music for all the traditional or non traditional tunes for the prelude, processional, recessional, postlude or anything in-between.  Smooth fades and transitions as well as queues are available to assure the correct music is played at the correct time.

We provide all microphones needed for the pastor, the vows, or even live instrumentation. Our digital sound system is small enough to often be hidden from site while still producing levels of sonic clarity that defy its size! We know that there are no do-overs for your wedding. Thats why when you book us for your Ceremony we come to the dress rehearsal to practice along side you!

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+ Ceremony Same Room (+75)

  • Handheld & hands free microphones for officiant, vows, readings etc...
  • Instrument microphones can be added for free upon notable request if you wish to have any live instrumentation

+ Ceremony & Reception different Room (+$275)

  • Additional sound system for room capacities up to 250 people (2x 1,000 Watt Full range Speakers)

+ Have us attend the dress rehearsal (+$250)

  • We'll run through everything with you and make sure ques are set